Fukushinkan Dojo

Fukushinkan Dojo

Home of the Hellenic Aikido Association.A 135 m2 mat in a 250 m2 space, air conditioned,separate dressing rooms and showers for women and men and a separate room for a guest instructor. We believe that Fukushinkan Dojo is one of the best in Europe!

Fukushinkan Dojo's Sensei with Doshu

Fukushinkan Dojo's Sensei with Doshu

Photos of Fukushinkan Dojo's Sensei Babis Keranis 5th Dan Akikai with Doshu and some of the greatest Aikido Sensei's.


Seminars - Gordon Jones

Seminar with Gordon Jones Shihan, 6th Dan Aikikai, Principal of U.K.A, in Fukushinkan Dojo.

"Aikido is the way of nonresistance and is therefore undefeatable from the start. Fast and slow are of no consequence. Merely by having the intention to fight with one who embodies the universal law, they have fixed their mind on violating the harmony of nature itself. The person with evil or malicious feeling is defeated before he makes the first move. The contest has already been decided"



Welcome to the Hellenic Aikido Association

Hellenic Aikido Association is officially recognized by the AIKIKAI FOUNDATION, Aikido World Headquarters and uses the Fukushinkan Dojo as its headquarters. Fukushinkan Dojo is one of the largest dojo's in Greece and among the largest and most modern dojo's in Europe. Since its establishment in 1997 the Association has recorded more than 1500 members and has hosted numerous events and more than 50 recognized Aikido instructors. The total number of awarded black belts by the Fukushinkan Dojo signifies the high level of work and training in the art of Aikido.

We hope that this site will serve as an information point not only for the Assosiation's activities but for Aikido in general. In the site's pages you can find information regarding Aikido, its founders and their history and various material which can be used to better understand its philosophy.


Aikido Seminar

Hellenic Aikido Assosiation organizes a seminar by Mr. Vince Hammond, 5th Dan, Instructor of the Broadland Aikido and Senior Member of the Ιnstitute of Aikido UK. The event will take place in Fukushinkan Dojo starting from May 27 to May 29. For more info click on the seminar's poster.

Aikido & Kids

Aikido teaches practical self defense that can be effective even with children of an early age. It sharpens the perceptive ability and as a result they become more recepting to the understanding of knowledge. It teaches discipline and respect and contributes to progress at school and the execution of their obligations as students. Children vent their energy during practice become calm and relaxed from the tiring daily tempo.


Akikai Foundation


Hellenic Aikido Association

FukuShinKan Dojo, 144 3rd September Street , 5th floor
Telephone: (30) 210 8811768 (only on dojo operating hours)
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